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Prestige Wardrobe Co


3D Visualisation and VR


Prestige Wardrobe Co




In October 2018, Prestige Wardrobe Company approached JB3D to create a range of CGIs for their new company website.

All visuals were created from sketches. It was important to make the textures appear as close to reality as possible, so photographs were taken of the Walnut and placed onto the model.

Creating a virtual tour

A client had each bedroom fitted with a new wardrobe.

As this was a particularly large project, Prestige requested the client's home was modelled from scratch and the wardrobes be placed into a VR presentation for the client to move around the house, open doors and even tie drawers.

Shoe Rack Open0010.jpg

VR Demo

Here you can see a demo of that presentation that was made.

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